Hawaiian Warrior Club in Koa Wood

The intimidating Hawaiian Warrior weapon
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Collectibles Hawaiian warrior club of the famous Koa wood and tiger shark teeth; This intimidating warrior's weapon is hand carved of premium Koa wood. and nicely finished.

Hawaiian Warrior Club Specs

- Premium Koa wood
- Tiger shark teeth
- Durable
- Skilled craftsmanship
- Natural finish
- Collectible item
- Dimensions: 18.00 x 4.50 inch

Ancient Hawaiian Weapons

In ancient Hawaiian society, the military was at the same time extraordinarily advanced and primitive. Chiefs deployed thousands of warriors in large-scale pitched battles, creating a rich and colorful military history. They developed a wide array of Hawaiian weapons and tactics that were both proficient and ravaging. For instance, they independently developed pike formations, something that was seen in Western history as late as the American Civil War. However, the Hawaiians did all of this without the use of metal! They used incredible ingenuity to fashion heavy tropical woods into pikes, spears, daggers (including double daggers) and war clubs. They also used stones in maces. They were remarkably resourceful, using swordfish swords for daggers and sharks teeth on slashing weapons. The ancient Hawaiians also wove slings and formed deadly high-speed ammunition from dense volcanic rock. Warriors protected their heads with gourd helmets, these were also brightly colored and have become quite famous. All of this added up to a very unique, and deadly military and exciting history.

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  • My daughter loves her blue topaz necklace and earrings, I got her for her birthday, Thanks alohaelegant.com
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  • OMG, the pearl heart pendant is so cute. The pictures don't do it justice.
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