Wood Elephant Figurine Statue

Hand Carved Wood Elephant Figurine Statue
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Beautifully Hand Carved Elephant Wooden Figurine Statue from genuine wood; Exquisite details on all sides of this glorious hand crafted elephant statue. Besides the elephant been a magnificent creature, especially with the Asian cultures that has a major influence in Hawaii. Elephant sculptures became a major element in a serene home or office decorating.

Elephant Sculpture Specs

  • Natural wood
  • Fine details
  • Cross cultural meannings
  • Good size for shelve or office space showcasing
  • Collectible statue

The symbolism of the elephant is as big as the elephant itself


The meaning or symbolism of the elephant is widespread in many cultures and has several meanings within each culture. Generally the elephant is a symbol of power, good luck, fortune and loyalty. Here is what some cultures believe of the elephant:

  • Hinduism: portrayed as god of luck specially Ganesh, fortune, wisdom, protection, royal power, & a blessing
  • Africa: Strength, power, grand, longevity, endurance, mental abilities, cooperation, & loyalty
  • Buddhism: Unity of the opposites, strength, steady fastness, physical and mental strength, responsibility and earthiness.
  • Christianity: chastity, stubbornness of a sinner, purity, the power of God & expansion
  • Western culture: Dependability, Dignity, Power, Pride & Royalty
  • Chinese Culture: happiness, longevity & good luck

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  • My daughter loves her blue topaz necklace and earrings, I got her for her birthday, Thanks alohaelegant.com
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  • OMG, the pearl heart pendant is so cute. The pictures don't do it justice.
    Kiana, W, of Honolulu, Hawaii